Seven You Must-see Denim Fashion Trends In 2022ss

As a trusty and easy to pair with your other clothing, denim revival is stunning in this season. The 2022 spring/summer fashion runways were rocked with it, from couture-worthy silhouettes to casual outfits.

Though versatile and classic as always, you will expect to see the buzziest denim styles which can bring an edge to your shopping selection.

Keep scrolling. Let’s guide you right away to see what we’ve spotted and reveal what is about to be significant.

Low-rise, Baggy And Ripped

Hardly as plenty of high-rise waisted skinny and slim silhouettes to be seen in the past couple of years, you will be more likely to discover an uptick in the low-slung,ultra-wide leg with floor-stacking length denim style for 2022ss.

AGOLDE’s Design Director Erin Meehan and founder of BoyishJordan Nodarse, give off the vibe as Meehan emphasizes that people are longing for wearing points-making pieces that will bring a sense of ease and coolness.

Meanwhile, distressed versions for an even more ’90s feel will surely take off.

Thanks to wriggling their way to the late ’90s and early 2000’s, Eytys can quickly keep the resounding denim brand for millennials and Gen Z alike while maintaining the minimalistic core aesthetic. 

On the other hand, we found that many brands like Diesel MSGM SS22, MISSONI SS22, VALENTINO SS22, EMPORIO ARMANI SS22 all embrace the low-rise, long inseam, and baggy show off in the latest runways.

Head To Toe 

Additionally, denim on denim silhouette has been on the rise and will become increasingly popular as our 90’s obsession with the resurgence of the iconic trend: the Canadian Tuxedo look. 

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director at GANNI, tells ELLE. “For the new season upcoming, there will be a big focus on head-to-toe statement denim looks. I’m the 90s super inspire means and shorts will have matching jackets featuring lots of color-play.”

Yes, a quality pair of jeans is pivotal for various chic looks, but why not tap into jeans-and-coat pairing to maximize the high street. 

Dark And Deep Washes

The last few years have been pretty attention on light faded washes, but now we are seeing more interest in dark and deep rinses in Spring/Summer 2022. The structured styles could even make their way back in more relieved times and occasions. Bet you’ve discovered the dark rinses lots on the runway from Saint Laurent to Christian Dior. The chic and mysterious acid washes definitely can make your overall outfit a highlight among onlookers. 

Fabiana Filippi; GennyiMaxTree.

Tailored And Embellished 

Denim can play in high-end and sparkling roles for your styles, from the clever-cropped over-the-top to the metallic-trimmed on runways. First and most, an inventive try on crafted cuts can benefit you much as your body figure primarily be concerned. Also, what you wear will evoke what you feel. Then wear the glittering designs out of the question, elevate your confidence and bring your personality.


There is so much handwork (Patchwork) and mending details that go into jeans properly in terms of sustainability and aesthetics. Slip into a well-mended and reconstructed pair of jeans with a solid-colored vest or jacket on top will undoubtedly make you the coolest one among friends.

Dresses And Skirts

The S/S 22 runways also brought us long denim dresses and vibrant mini skirts in 2022ss. 

Whatever you are in the statement of 80’s, 90’s, or the vibe of Y2K, you have to invest in these trends to match your favorite building blocks and accessories. 

Colorful And Printed Denim

Last but not least, many brands are keen on the markets of the next generation. So colorful and patterned jeans play an essential role during the new season ahead. 

Reformation has won many fans due to its chic and edgy printed jeans. With more and more denim brands practicing the quirky designs, we look on that there will be a higher warming-up, especially for spring.

Founder of Still Here New YorkSonia Mosseri, agrees with the multi-colored return. And mainly means the delicate and subtle color tone instead of very bright hues on denim clothing.


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